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About Spirit Temple Bible College


Spirit Temple Bible College was founded in 2016 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania U.S.A by Dr. Ese Duke as an independent, traditional and non-traditional international Bible college offering high quality college level Biblical education for the main purpose of equipping men and women to fulfill the call of God upon their lives and thereby expanding the kingdom of God and impacting their generation for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Spirit Temple Bible College is accredited by North American Bible College Accreditation Agency.

Spirit Temple Bible College is NOT accredited by any agency recognized by the U. S. Department of Education (DOE). At this time, we do not need or desire such accreditation because we are a single purpose college offering ONLY religious studies and do not offer any secular (non-religious) studies, degrees, or certificates.

Spirit Temple Bible College does not seek, desire, or accept government endorsement (accreditation) at any level in order to maintain the strict separation of church and state policies. Too often government-made rules and regulations are contrary to the teaching of the Holy Bible.

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