Associate Degree in Bible Ministry

Launch Your Ministry Journey with the Associate Degree in Bible Ministry

Program Overview

The Associate Degree in Bible Ministry at Spirit Temple Bible College (STBC) provides a dynamic launchpad for your ministry calling. This program equips you with a foundational understanding of the Bible and practical ministry skills essential for serving in various church settings. Through in-depth coursework, you’ll gain a strong grasp of core doctrines, explore themes of the Anointing and the Holy Spirit, and also explore practical topics like leadership and church ministry.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Solid Biblical Foundation: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Bible through systematic study of its key themes, historical context, and theological concepts.
  • Essential Ministry Skills: Cultivate practical skills for various ministry roles, including leading worship services, teaching Sunday School, offering pastoral care, and effectively communicating God’s word.
  • Spiritual Growth: Deepen your personal connection with God through prayer, worship, and fellowship with like-minded believers.
  • Ministry Preparation: Gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue opportunities in Christian ministry, preparing you for leadership roles within your church or missions work.


STBC is accredited by the North American Bible College Accreditation Agency (NABCAA). This accreditation ensures that our programs meet high academic standards and prepare graduates for successful ministry careers. View Accreditation

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a. Course Introduction
b. Origin of the Bible
c. Unity of the Bible
d. Major Divisions of the Bible
e. Old Testament Division
f. New Testament Division

a. Purpose of the Course
b. Laws of Bible Interpretation
c. The Various Names of the Bible
d. Authorship of the Bible
e. The Spiritual Significance of Numbers

a. The Doctrine of God
b. The Doctrine of The Son of God
c. The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit
d. The Doctrine of Man
e. The Doctrine of Angels
f. The Doctrine of Satan

a. Who is the Holy Spirit?
b. What is the Anointing?
c. Purpose of the Anointing
d. Three Realms of the Supernatural
e. New Levels of the Anointing
f. The Fivefold Ministry

a. Introduction
b. The Apostles
c. The Prophets
d. The Evangelist
e. The Pastor
f. The Teachers

a. Foundation
b. The Presence of God
c. The Pursuit of the Presence of God
d. Entering the Presence of God
e. Practicing the Presence of God

a. Resources for understanding
b. The Keys to enhance Understanding
c. Benefits of understanding

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Complete our application process by clicking on the button to the right of this message!

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