Bachelor Degree in Bible Ministry

Deepen Your Calling with the Bachelor Degree in Bible Ministry

Program Overview

The Bachelor Degree in Bible Ministry at STBC empowers you to go deeper into your ministry calling. Building upon the foundation established in the Associate’s program, this program offers a richer exploration of theological concepts, ministry practices, and leadership development. You’ll explore advanced topics like Christology, the Law of Prosperity, and Demonology, while refining your skills in prayer, worship, and spiritual leadership.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Advanced Biblical Knowledge: Expand your understanding of the Bible through in-depth study of systematic theology, and advanced hermeneutics.
  • Refined Ministry Skills: Sharpen your practical ministry skills through courses in preaching, counseling, and church administration.
  • Spiritual Formation: Cultivate a deeper intimacy with God through focused studies on prayer, worship, and spiritual disciplines.
  • Leadership Development: Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead effectively in various ministry contexts.


STBC is accredited by the North American Bible College Accreditation Agency (NABCAA). This accreditation ensures that our programs meet high academic standards and prepare graduates for successful ministry careers. View Accreditation

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a. What is Dynamics?
b. What is Potential?
c. Foundational Keys
d. How to Release Your Potential
e. How to Realize Your Purpose
f. Understanding Purpose
g. The Pursuit of Passion and Purpose

a. What is Grace?
b. What is Mercy?
c. What Does “Fallen from Grace” Mean?
d. Scriptures Through the Eyes of Jesus

a. Kingdom Principles for Financial Prosperity
b. The Law of Basic Economics
c. The ABC of Prosperity
d. The Laban System
e. The Technology of Wealth

a. The Benefits of the Anointing
b. Five Functions of the Anointing Within
c. How to Release the Anointing Within
d. Preparation for the Anointing
e. Levels and Dimensions of the Anointing

a. What is Prayer
b. Praying Without Ceasing
c. The Right Way to Pray
d. The Secret of Getting Things from God
e. The Seven Laws of Prayer
f. Types of Prayer
g. Styles of Prayer
h. Waiting on the Lord
i. The Will of God

a. Releasing the Presence of God
b. How to Release the Presence of God
c. The Mechanism of Releasing God’s Presence
d. Keys to Releasing the Presence of God
e. Hosting the Presence of God

a. What is Demonology
b. Origin of Demons
c. How Demons can be Transferred
d. Demonic Deliverance
e. Blaming the Devil
f. Degrees of Demonic Control
g. Fear
h. Biblical Methods of Deliverance
i. Thought Life
j. Keys to Casting out Devils
k. Activating Angels
l. Why Would God Allow Evil to Stay in this World?

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Complete our application process by clicking on the button to the right of this message!

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