a. Course introduction
b. Origin of the Bible
c. Major divisions of the Bible
d. Unity of the Bible
e. Old Testament Division
f. The books of the Law
g. The books of History
h. The books of Poetry
i. The books of Prophecy
j. New Testament Division
k. The gospels
l. The books of History
m. Letters (Epistles)
n. Prophecy

a. Purpose of the Course
b. The various names of the Bible
c. Authorship of the Bible
d. The Spiritual significance of numbers
e. Laws of Bible interpretation
f. The law of First Mention
g. The law of Content
h. The law of Direct Statement
i. The law of Comparison
j. The law of Repetition (double reference)

a. The doctrine of God
b. The presuppositions
c. The knowability of God
d. The doctrine of the Son of God
e. His appearance and mention in the old testament
f. His birth and his life
g. His death
h. His burial and resurrection
i. His ascension and promise of return
j. His present day ministry
k. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
l. The personality of the Holy Spirit
m. The deity of the Holy Spirit
n. His name associated with the son and the father
o. The doctrine of Man
p. The origin of Man
q. The fall of Man
r. The result of the fall
s. The cure to the fall
t. The Doctrine of Angels
u. Old testament mention of angels
v. New testament mention of angels
w. The nature od Angels
x. The ministry of angels to believers
y. The Doctrine of Satan
z. The existence of Satan
aa. The personality of Satan
bb. The character of Satan
cc. The destination of Satan
dd. The right of the believer over Satan

a. Introduction
b. The Apostles
c. Classes of Apostles
d. Signs of Apostles
e. The prophets
f. Signs of prophets
g. The Evangelist
h. Signs of evangelists
i. The Pastor
j. Signs of the Pastors
k. The Teachers
l. Signs of the Teachers

a. Resources for understanding
b. The Bible
c. Books
d. Seminars
e. The media
f. Interpersonal interaction
g. The internet
h. Divine inspiration
i. The Keys that enhance Understanding
j. Reading
k. Study and Research
l. Meditation
m. Projects
n. Holy Spirit divine insight
o. Consultation
p. Tutorials
q. Benefits of understanding

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a. Introduction
b. Foundation keys
c. How to release your potentials
d. Understand your purpose
e. Demands of purpose
f. Understand your Resources
g. Working out your potential
h. Maximizing your potential
i. Enemies of Potential- ( class discussion)

a. The will of God in prosperity
b. The causes of poverty
c. The law of Tithing
d. The blessings of Tithing
e. The law of offering
f. The law of spiritual partnership
g. The law of first fruits
h. Four Spiritual principles that brings prosperity
i. Prosperity through the Ark of Covenant

a. The right way to pray
b. Six Types of prayers
c. Four Styles of prayers
d. Waiting on God
e. The will of God in prayer

a. Origin of demons
b. Pre-Adamic civilization
c. The fall of Adam
d. The defilement of men and angels
e. Classification of demons
f. Degree of demonic control
g. Demonic control of humans
h. Levels of demonic attack
i. Biblical methods of deliverance
j. Thought life and demons
k. Authority of the believer

a. Introduction
b. What is the anointing
c. What it means to be anointed
d. How to catch the anointing
e. Different levels of the anointing
f. The price to the anointing
g. Flowing in the anointing
h. My path to receiving the anointing of the Holy Ghost


a. Guardian angels
b. Angels of assignment
c. Principles that activates angel

a. Our heart turns towards God
b. Definition of Worship
c. Types of worship
d. A heart turns away from God
e. Lucifer’s fall
f. The Samaritans woman encounter
g. Fellowshipping with the father
h. Tabernacle worship
i. New testament worship
j. How do we enter into God’s presence

a. Introduction
b. The essential qualities of a Spiritual leader
c. The leader personality Traits
d. Working relationship
e. The price and pitfalls of leadership
f. How to make an impact

a. Introduction
b. The function of an Administrator
c. Need for proper Administration or Management in the Church/Ministry
d. Benefits of effective Administration
e. Delegation
f. Jethro style of Administration
g. Administrative levels
h. Administrative pyramid
i. Personnel: Leadership
j. Church office
k. Keys to effective church Administration

a. Introduction
b. The dimensions of growth
c. Balanced growth
d. Facts about church growth
e. Keys to church growth
f. Conclusion

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