a. Course Introduction
b. Origin of the Bible
c. Unity of the Bible
d. Major Divisions of the Bible
e. Old Testament Division
f. New Testament Division

a. Purpose of the Course
b. Laws of Bible Interpretation
c. The Various Names of the Bible
d. Authorship of the Bible
e. The Spiritual Significance of Numbers

a. The Doctrine of God
b. The Doctrine of The Son of God
c. The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit
d. The Doctrine of Man
e. The Doctrine of Angels
f. The Doctrine of Satan

a. Who is the Holy Spirit?
b. What is the Anointing?
c. Purpose of the Anointing
d. Three Realms of the Supernatural
e. New Levels of the Anointing
f. The Fivefold Ministry

a. Introduction
b. The Apostles
c. The Prophets
d. The Evangelist
e. The Pastor
f. The Teachers

a. Foundation
b. The Presence of God
c. The Pursuit of the Presence of God
d. Entering the Presence of God
e. Practicing the Presence of God

a. Resources for understanding
b. The Keys to enhance Understanding
c. Benefits of understanding

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Contact us if you need help or have questions


a. What is Dynamics?
b. What is Potential?
c. Foundational Keys
d. How to Release Your Potential
e. How to Realize Your Purpose
f. Understanding Purpose
g. The Pursuit of Passion and Purpose

a. What is Grace?
b. What is Mercy?
c. What Does “Fallen from Grace” Mean?
d. Scriptures Through the Eyes of Jesus

a. Kingdom Principles for Financial Prosperity
b. The Law of Basic Economics
c. The ABC of Prosperity
d. The Laban System
e. The Technology of Wealth

a. The Benefits of the Anointing
b. Five Functions of the Anointing Within
c. How to Release the Anointing Within
d. Preparation for the Anointing
e. Levels and Dimensions of the Anointing

a. What is Prayer
b. Praying Without Ceasing
c. The Right Way to Pray
d. The Secret of Getting Things from God
e. The Seven Laws of Prayer
f. Types of Prayer
g. Styles of Prayer
h. Waiting on the Lord
i. The Will of God

a. Releasing the Presence of God
b. How to Release the Presence of God
c. The Mechanism of Releasing God’s Presence
d. Keys to Releasing the Presence of God
e. Hosting the Presence of God

a. What is Demonology
b. Origin of Demons
c. How Demons can be Transferred
d. Demonic Deliverance
e. Blaming the Devil
f. Degrees of Demonic Control
g. Fear
h. Biblical Methods of Deliverance
i. Thought Life
j. Keys to Casting out Devils
k. Activating Angels
l. Why Would God Allow Evil to Stay in this World?


a. Guardian Angels
b. Duties of Angels
c. Principles that Activate Angelic Assistance

a. The Heart That is Turned Toward God
b. Definition of Worship
c. The Types of Worship
d. A Heart That is Turned Away from God
e. The Fall of Lucifer
f. The Encounter of the Samaritan Woman
g. Fellowshipping With the Father
h. Tabernacle Worship
i. New Testament Worship
j. How do we Enter the Presence of God?

a. The Secrets of the Anointing
b. Functions of the Anointing
c. Growing in the Anointing
d. How to Put a Demand on the Anointing
e. How to Keep the Anointing Flowing

a. Types of Leadership
b. What Spiritual Leadership is Not
c. What Spiritual Leadership is
d. The Importance of Spiritual Leadership
e. Essential Qualities of a Spiritual Leader
f. What Patience is Not
g. What Patience is
h. The Leader’s Personality Traits
i. Working Relationship of a Spiritual Leader
j. How Spiritual Leaders Should Choose Their Leaders
k. How Spiritual Leaders Should Not Choose Their Co-Laborers
l. How To Work with your Co-Laborers
m. The Price and Pitfalls of Leadership
n. The Price to Pay for Leadership
o. The Pitfalls of Leadership
p. How To Make an Impact as A Leader

a. Cultivating the Presence of God
b. Honoring the Presence of God
c. Celebrating the Presence of God
d. Making Room for the Presence of God

a. Administration Defined
b. Functions of an Administrator
c. Need for Proper Administration or Management in the Church/Ministry
d. Misconception of Administration
e. Benefits of Effective Administration
f. Organizing or Being Organized
g. How to Get and Stay Organized
h. Delegation of Authority/Duties
i. Jethro Style of Administration
j. Administrative Levels or Hierarchy
k. Administrative Pyramid
l. People to Look out for
m. Those Who Delegate Nothing
n. Disadvantages of Delegating Nothing
o. Some Reasons for Failing to Delegate
p. Those Who Delegate Everything
q. Personnel Leadership
r. Factors to Consider when Appointing Leaders
s. Church Office
t. Things to Note About Church Office
u. Do all Churches Need an Office?
v. Other Points to Note About Effective Church Administration

a. Church Growth
b. Growth is a Natural Part of Life
c. The Dimension of Growth
d. Quantitative Church Growth (Multiplication)
e. Qualitative Church Growth
f. Blessings that Manifest In Members‘ Lives when Ministers Thoroughly Perform their Roles
g. Balanced Growth
h. Things you Must Know About Church Growth
i. Some Keys to Church Growth
j. The Principles of Servanthood
k. How to Preserve First Love
l. How To Prepare for God’s Presence

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